Roof Cleaning in Tampa Florida

A stained roof can be a huge eyesore on any business or home. Not to mention, that a roof is also the hardest part of any property to clean and maintain. North facing roof surfaces, or roofs that are shaded by trees and neighboring properties are extremely susceptible to unsightly algae, fungus & lichen which cause black stains to run down the roof and often darken the entire surface. Cool Breeze Pressure Washing uses a no-pressure, softwash method that can restore the look of your metal, shingle or tile roof to a like new condition in just a few short hours.

Replacing your roof can be a very intensive and expensive project, so you want to ensure this investment will last as long as possible. Moss, mold, algae and fungus actually feed on roofing materials and can dramatically reduce their lifespan if left untreated. Regularly cleaning the surface of your shingle, tile or metal roof will keep algae & lichen infestations under control to ensure that your roof looks great and will last even longer.

Our Tampa roof cleaning process gently removes algae, fungus, lichen and other discolored areas caused by the airborne mold spores “ Gloeocapsa Magma ” trees, dirt and pollen. When our job is done, your roof will look like new again! Our highly-effective roof cleaning service will not void your roofing materials manufacturer’s warranty and will help extend the life of your roof. Please do not attempt to clean your roof with a high pressure wash, as this can be very dangerous and cause damage to your roof and will most likely void your warranty.

Cool Breeze Pressure Washing in Tampa uses specialty equipment which administers an environmentally friendly roof cleaning solution. Our cleaning detergents are safe for your family, pets and landscape. Our specialty developed Tampa roof cleaning detergents will effectively kill off algae and other micro-organisms - along with breaking down dirt, dust and tree stains - leaving your roof looking like new again.

The most common roof types that we clean are asphalt shingles and barrel and flat tile roofs of all types including concrete, color through, clay and terra cotta. We are also experienced in cleaning commercial shingle, and membrane roofing, solar panels and even cedar shake shingles. We are very experienced (since 1999) and highly effective at cleaning and restoring all different types of roofing surfaces that are native to the Tampa Bay area of central and south Florida.