Our 9-Step Cleaning Process

One of the many things that separates us from the competition!

Cool Breeze Specializes Commercial Services

Association Walls

Neighborhood association walls and common ground areas.


Strip malls and all style strip plazas.


Tile and shingle roof - no pressure cleaning.

Exterior Building

Exterior building - soft wash solution cleaning.


Signs, awnings and business fronts.

Parking Areas

Parking garages and parking lots.

  • Cool Breeze does have the ability to complete many commercial services that have limited or no water at all.
  • Cool Breeze does NOT perform gum removal.
  • Cool breeze understands and will evolve to meet the needs of any commercial service.
  • Cool Breeze always carries the necessary liability insurance required for this type of work.
  • Improving the exterior image of your business can increase the clientele and revenue of your business dramatically.

Questions and Answers

Yes, All our license & insurance info is posted on the about us link.
Yes, we can produce multiple references in all cities in Tampa Bay Area.
Both, any type of cleaning starts with a safe cleaning solution cleaning followed by a low pressure rinse.
Yes – with the proper preparation all cleaning solutions are plant and pet safe.
Almost never, however, if tiles are cracked or broken from service Cool Breeze will repair those tiles at roof cleaning completion.
Absolutely not – all surrounding serviced areas will be rinsed clean.
That depends on what type of roof it is. Shingle yes, Tile no. To ensure a complete quality job, roofs and gutters should be cleared first.
Absolutely – a Cool Breeze cleaning will extend the roof life, lower your summer electric bill, and extend your A/C units life.
Sure, pricing is available online to fit your homes needs.

Residential Services Tips

** NEVER schedule another service on the same day the cleaning is scheduled – especially lawn or tree services.

  • Hose guides take a very important role in protecting the integrity of your home, sprinklers and anything else the hose could rub against to cause an eroding abrasion.
  • Note that 90% of the cleaners and lawn sprayers do NOT take this precaution which causes damage to the surrounding of the home and the homes corners on the walls, mailbox etc…
  • Roof cleaning – Cool Breeze is able to provide the highest quality roof cleaning available on the local tampa market. In order to achieve optimum results we need customer involvement in the preparation process.
  • Be sure all windows on the home are closed.
  • Be sure all landscape is trimmed off roof and any potted plants are removed from drip lines.
  • Be sure any vehicles are not parked anywhere on the driveway on the scheduled cleaning date unless it is parked 25′ from the roof.
  • Always thoroughly wet the roofs surrounding landscape two weeks prior to the scheduled cleaning and keep watering up to two weeks after the cleaning.
  • Be sure all landscape is trimmed off the home so we have complete access for the cleaning.
  • Be sure any vehicles are not parked within 25′ of the home.
  • Be sure all potted plants are removed prior to the scheduled cleaning.
  • Be sure all windows are closed.
  • Be sure that no one will walk through the service area until the area is complete.
  • Be sure all gates are unlocked on the scheduled cleaning date.
  • Be sure that no vehicles will be on the driveway on the service date until Cool Breeze is finished and gone.
  • Be sure any potted plants are removed or put up on a table out of the way prior to the cleaning date.
  • Any mildew or moldy outdoor furniture can be cleaned. So leave it where it is, we will shift it and clean it, under it and around it.
  • Driveways and sidewalks are never cleaned with the common surface cleaner. We clean this with the cleaning solution. This achieves 4 times the length of time it will be clean and without the circle stripes the surface cleaners are notorious for leaving and also re-appearing years after the cleaning.
  • Lanai cages are always cleaned with no pressure the outside and inside will be cleaned.
  • Remove potted plants in the caged area.
  • Be sure the gate to the back yard and the cage screen doors are unlocked.
  • Be sure any vehicles are not parked within 25′ of the home.
  • Be sure all gates are unlocked on the scheduled cleaning date.
  • We do NOT remove oil, gum or do new construction clean up.